About Us

We are a fastest growing Advertising Agency in Maharashtra for Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Brand Promotions, Event Management, PR, Exhibition etc. We are committed to give prompt services to our clients in Indian Market. With the help of our network in big cities all over India, we are making expansion of the company.

Over a period of time " Mark n Brand" has become a well-known brand. We wish all our clients a better future and we are thankful for the cooperation all the people in media too.

Our Mission :

 "To enhance the customer's market horizons." 

  Management & Social Aims:

Every stage of management is well trained for its area of work.The Chief Executive Officer of "Mark n Brand" is highly educated in media profession. Also he has strong experience of working with renowned media houses in India and USA since last 10 years. Even he is building the strong team for managing this intellectual profession.Therefore a positive knowledge exchange among employees is made possible. Our management strongly follow the ethics and values defined by itself. And that is the assurance to our clients and people related to us for an ethical response at any point of time

We have a strong belief on cultural bonding of the industries and social boundaries. Therefore we follow the right philosophy. We want to add a better future for society with the following things :

1. Work should not be harmful for any religion or society.    2. Keeping updates on cultural views and development of new concepts.

3. Creating positive communication among Brands and society.    4. Development of Positive culture in various industries.

5. Creation of positive concepts in media and advertising fraternity.